Less Paper, Greater Efficiency

Kuromatsu’s platform is built to help build tournaments, make registration easier for customers, and stay connected.

What is Kuromatsu and how does it work?

Kuromatsu is an ecosystem that encompasses 2 applications,
but keeps the host connected with its members and those who have registered for their tournament.

Host Application

The break up from having to use paper or white labeled online forms may be painful (sarcasm), but we assure you that using Kuromatsu to build and edit your tournaments and brackets will bring a much needed experience of nirvana to your company.

Participant Application

We give participants an easy and effective way to store their information, and have it ready for when its time to submit to a tournament. Searching and registering for tournaments has never been easier.

About Our Company

Our foundation was built from frustrations that has resulted in determination. We aren’t just outsiders looking in, we are also past competitors as well as those who have assisted in tournaments. We are committed to deploying our solutions as a change in making the host, and the competitors experience, a much nicer one.

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